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Your Heartlanders

Yesterday,they brought me to this historical place during their wedding day. I present you my awesome heartlanders.

Color Tone Alpha Test

For me personally, I feel it’s important that I always take some time & effort regardless of my busy schedule to try/experiment/discover new things in my craft.

The Contagion

On their wedding day, their laughter and smiles were so contagious that even I was “infected”.:)

Sleeping Beauty

Here’s a rhyme “They told me what they like to do, I told them I will make it true.”:P

Veiling Ceremony

A heartwarming moment to uplift with on the 1st day of a new month:)

Southern Gardens

I am starting to appreciate the different types of trees in Singapore. They provide excellent shade for the photographer:P

Bonsai Tree

Bonsai is a japanese art form using miniature trees grown in containers. I added two loving souls to complete it.

The Hangover : Part Two (Finale)

Now, guess what happen and who do you think the groom is ?:P

I was inspired by the movie : The Hangover and wanted to share a vision of how I would shoot it in my own context. Combining with elements of other hollywood movies, I thought this would be the perfect photograph to dedicate to all the grooms and groomsmen I knew through the years ever since I started shooting weddings. ( No worries, brides always get the attention:P )The preparation of this photo shoot has been the most mentally and physically draining since the ” The Flaming Couch”. I will save the details on that but importantly there are a lot of people involved in this crazy shoot. Due to privacy reasons, no names will be mentioned to all the companies and people involved. You know who you are and I sincerely thank you all from the bottom of my heart. For all the coordination and assistance: Ethan Koh and Melvin Ng, you guys rock! \m/

No animals were harmed and just in case some of you get the wrong message: drink safe and stay out of drugs.


“Just once in your lifetime.”


These images may be in B&W but their personalities are colorful :) Some happy-cool people I have met.

Some happy-cool people I have met.

Coming Soon.

In Singapore, the groom and his groomsmen usually ” suffer” during the wedding from being ridiculed during the gate crashing games to handling the logistics of the wedding. Then during the banquet, the groomsmen would also helped the groom handle all the “yum sengs” toasted from table to table.

However, what we do not see is what happens the day or week before the wedding. So for the next 2 days starting from 12 July, I am going to bring you all to a closer insight into the ” effort and hardwork” the groomsmen actually put in to make the groom’s wedding day a special celebration. Stay tuned to the unexpected.

Good Friday

When it rains from Monday to Thursday and you’ve gotten God’s gift of sunlight with a dry ground today, it’s call Good Friday in my dictionary.

Simply Red

When this moment happened, all the firecrackers in Hong Kong ignited by itself.