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Pre Wedding Singapore

Pre Wedding Singapore: Some Places Where Your Photographer Will Take You

Forget the studio. Today’s pre wedding shoots can be done on location, with awesome results. Times have changed, and so has pre wedding Singapore photography sessions. There are couples who expect that their pre wedding photographs will only be shot in a studio, where there are set props and limited movement. Some express their surprise when I tell them that this not how things are done anymore.

Pre wedding Singapore photo shoots are moments where you need to expect the unexpected. I prefer to get to know the couple first before we decide on the location. Although I have several personal favorite spots around the city and the outskirts, I wish to learn about how the couple met so that if it is possible, there will be shots done to reflect that first meeting.

For some pre wedding Singapore photography sessions, couples may not have anticipated that I will ask them to wade in knee-high waters and pose. The sight of waves crashing all around them while they share a kiss never fails to yield dramatic photographs.

At another pre wedding Singapore photo shoot, nature cooperated and provided a perfect sunset that served as an awesome background of one couple’s pictures.

There are other locations I can think of that will generate dramatic results for pre wedding pictures. An abandoned house can even be brought to life in a couple’s wedding photographs. Fun places with lots of people traffic is a challenging and yet very rewarding location for a photo shoot, as well as places that are in absolute contrast to the couple’s lifestyle and costumes.

For your own pre wedding Singapore photography session, I would encourage you to offer suggestions for locations, especially if there are places that hold a special meaning in your relationship with your partner. A photographer can use the camera and do the best possible thing to make the photographs pleasing and memorable for couples in any location. However, if the place where the pictures were taken has a sentimental value for you, then that is indeed extra special.