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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Dennis.Jenny Bridal Shoot

Dennis saved my Lens cap that day. Lens w/o the cap is like one w/o underwear for that day.I had a wonderful time with both of you. Cheers. Err.. is this a promo shot for Kenji’s boutique?

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A Classic Revamp

Jon and Charlene’s Bridal Shoot was absolutely Shiok-a-doo! Its always nice to get out of my seat and experiment something different. We decided to do a bridal shoot base on Audrey Hepburn’s Classic- Breakfast at Tiffany’s. We had fun cracking our brains for the props, dresses, etc. I watched and skim through the movie a […]

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Spencer. Mag Bridal Shoot.

I was asking the groom for tips on “how to make my body look like his.” (60% can already) I would love to crack peanut shells underneath my armpit or in between my biceps Yep. I vandalize the wall with their names. Forgotten how many times I “sprayed” and “scribbled” on.

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I know you are reading this.. and yea.. Thank you, Kenny and Jasmine. Your gift is not cheap .. I know… and you guys really caught me by surprise at the end of the wedding. Its not only a beautiful gift but a symbolic one to represent me as a Wedding Photographer. I appreciate a […]

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1st Jan 2009

TV news sometimes broadcast the first born child for The New Year. Red Co. however will broadcast the first wedding for 2009 Lets put our hands together for Melvin and Isabelle! I witnessed one of the most united and “garang” group of men today at the gate crashing games. This is for you band of […]

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